Christmas and the Movies.

It’s weird to think that there are some films you can only watch at a certain point in a year. I am, of course, talking about Christmas movies. Watch them any sooner than late October (and even that’s stretching it) and you might find yourself ridiculed by judgmental peers. It’s funny really, as you don’t watch scary/horror films only at Halloween, or rom-coms around Valentines Day. So why do we do it with Christmas movies?

I myself am guilty of this. I remember earlier in the year, when Home Alone was shown on TV. I found myself incredibly irritated that it was being shown when it was no where near Christmas. It just seemed silly. Perhaps it’s just me.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the festive flicks and I’ve also watched two considered classics for the first time.

First on the agenda was It’s A Wonderful Life, which I knew about, of course, but had never got round to watching. Long story short, I really enjoyed it. I found myself watching it for a second time yesterday and I loved it even more. It was fantastic. I certainly understand why it’s held in such high regard. It’s not even Christmassy (that’s not a word, but never mind) until the last quarter of the film, but who cares? It was genuinely wonderful, if you pardon the pun.

My reaction to ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

The other film I watched for the first time was Polar Express. In the past, when I informed people I hadn’t seen it, their mouths would drop in shock and they’d insist “Oh Sam, you’d love it!” So their recommendations, along with my favourite actor, Tom Hanks, having a starring role, gave me high hopes immediately.

SIGH. It goes without saying that the Polar Express is a streaming pile of shit for a movie. I mean, seriously, it’s just awful. The animation is ugly but that’s not the biggest flaw. What I found more offensive was how crap the plot was… because there wasn’t one. Or was there? Did I just miss it? What I witnessed was just a serious of unfortunate obstacles the train has to face over and over and over again. Oh, the little girl lost her ticket. Oh, they’re stuck on ice. Oh, there are hundreds of reindeer blocking the tracks. NO! THAT’S NOT A MOVIE! I REJECT IT!

My reaction to ‘Polar Express’

I don’t want to end this blog post on sour note, so I will just say that I’ve also loved watching Elf, Home Alone (1 & 2) and Love Actually, which are among my favourites. Muppets Christmas Carol is another good’un. And you can’t go wrong with Christmas episodes of Friends or Frasier, but that’s a different thing.

Note to end on: If anyone has a version of the Polar Express which involves the train crashing violently and killing everyone on board, do let me know. That would be a film worth seeing.