If some reason you want to contact me. You can do so at the following:

Twitter: Samjpeck
Instagram: Samjpeck

A pain to remember I know. They’re all so different.

Have a look at the following list:

– The Kardashian clan
– Kanye West
– Chris Brown
– Two and a Half Men
– Nigel Farage
– Nick Griffin
– The Only Way is Essex
– The entire cast of The Only Way is Essex
– Brett Ratner (who almost destroyed the original X-Men trilogy)
– Katie Hopkins
– The dentist who shot a lion
– Twilight
– Kristen Stewart
– Kristen Stewart’s acting
– Kristen Stewart’s Facial Expression #1
– Kristen Stewart’s Facial Expression #2
– Kristen Stewart’s Facial Express… oh no, wait, she only has the two.
– The woman who put a cat in a bin

If you like, or are a fan of any of those listed above, then please do not contact or follow me. Instead, get in touch with people who can help as you clearly require medical assistance of some kind. I’m sure there are some pills out there which can help ya. Preferably something with a heavy dose which makes you sleep for long periods of time, thus leaving you unable to go online and/or leave the house and inflict your terrible views onto society.

If you’ve passed my test, feel free to get in touch.


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